Agile Training

Certified SAFe® Training Delivered by Experienced Practitioner covering –

  • Leading Agile
  • Scrum Master
  • Advanced Scrum Master
  • PO/PM
  • SAFe for Teams
  • Agile Software Engineer
  • DevOps

We do provide services to provide in-house training and assistance with organising SAFe events.

Agile Transformations

Agile at Scale

Customized solutions for the governance of your Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Project.


What initiatives should we undertake? Who will work on the initiative? What kind of ROI will you see? The answer: Agile Portfolio Governance


Activities include estimating features, estimating stories, developing team scope and epics in a program increment to create visual maps of stories and iterations to manage dependencies, tracking progress and changing priority

ART Launch

Has your organization reached a tipping point? We can build an implementation roadmap, define and launch the ART, train ART leaders and stakeholders, establish the Agile teams, train, Product Managers and Product Owners, train Scrum Masters, assess and evolve launch readiness and prepare the program backlog.


Enable relentless improvement by providing coaching, training and regular team assessments.

Agile Assessment

Customer request an Agile Assessment from Agilehc when they are unhappy with the speed, quality or other aspects of their delivery processes. The Assessment that Agilehc delivers provides direction in the form of a recommendations of the process that will best meet the customer needs required to close the gap between the current and desired states.


Working with a small group of people or one-on-one interviews and  workshops, an experienced Agile Coach will identify key pain points within your current organization and processes, and gather ideas from your team of what solutions they feel exist to respond to the pain points within your organizational structure and culture. In addition, the Agile Coach will offer advice and a transformation plan based on proven techniques and industry Best Practices.

Agile Advisory and Coaching


Most commonly an initial meeting and a session to discuss customer’s pain points to provide advice on how to address these issues with Agile (DevOps) techniques and processes. It has no defined construct but comprise discussion with a group of leaders, reviewing and advising on potential strategic direction, implementation solutions and training guidance that may potentially assist.

An Advisory engagement resembles a lightweight version of our Assessment engagement, in that it provides guidance the client about needs or issues. However, an Assessment has a specific structure and produces a deliverable (a presentation). An Advisory engagement has no such structure, and does not produce a deliverable.


Learning is the base to founding agile teams and endows them with operative practices. Agilehc offer customized training programs, assistance with process improvements and day to day guidance to enable speed to market.

Agile Software Engineering Enablement

The castigation of software engineering has evolved over the past decade with the introduction of Agile and DevOps values and practices. We help with building additional skillset and methodologies to deliver quicker, more predictably and better quality.

We envisage to assist by providing SAFe Agile Software Engineering training to improve flow of value delivery and building quality in are enabled by modern practices including XP technical practices, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD), building quality into code and design techniques to support intentional and emerging architecture.

Devops/DevSecOps Enablement

We envisage to consult and advise on current and future state of DevOps implementation. We cover why we need DevOps, what are areas of DevOps, How do we do DevOps, What is relationship between Agile and DevOps/DevSecOps, How does change management relate to DevOps, How to measure success, Does this suit your organization, Tools for CI/CD, How to implement SAST and Penetration testing, How to start, How to change culture and help implement one stop shop for CI and CD.