Our Team

Harpreet Chopra
Founder & Principal Consultant

Harpreet is an accomplished leader offering over 18 years of experience driving delivery outcomes and revenue growth through building and maintaining client relationships. Creative and dynamic marketer with proven expertise in consistently penetrating new markets to ensure sustainable revenue growth. Leverage exemplary communication and in-person meetings to establish presence and build a positive brand while fostering continuous client engagement. Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member and individual contributor.

He is certified SAFe Program Consultant with expertise in various facets of  Agile Coaching, DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, Lean, Agile delivery, Agile Project Management, Agile Program Management, Agile Practices and Agile Software engineering.

Harpreet's Certification

Tejbir Singh
 Principal Consultant

Tejbir Singh, is a SAFe® SPC. SAFe and DevOps Practitioner and an experienced Delivery Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Telecommunications industry. Skilled in Software Engineering/Delivery, DevOps, Complex Delivery Management, Business Process Design, Enterprise Test Management, Scaled Agile Delivery Management and Automation.

Tejbir is a passionate Agile/Lean Leader,People driven, Coach & Practitioner, dedicated to improving the efficiency of the organisation. He has  a track record of transforming Enterprise Testing organisation from traditional waterfall into a modern Agile delivery unit with QA practices and System teams (SAFe).

Tejbir's Certification